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Specialist Training to develop Specialist skills

No two businesses are identical, nor do all businesses have the same skills or needs. Addressing skills gaps and identifying the areas for improvement, followed with a plan to address each improvement is a small and smart investment which will assist you to generate sustainable and measurable rewards for the business owner and staff members for years to come.

Dr Stuart McGill is a specialist in online and offline selling and lead generation with broad and varied experience that is adapted to your needs. Customised in-house training courses can be built and taught across any of the following course areas:

  • Customer Service: Service determines your sales, brand reputation and retention. The course covers the latest techniques for online and offline service, including via social media.
  • Building better selling skills: The state-of-the-art strategy, sales process, tactics and practice of face-to-face selling, including reference to the major schools of thought in selling over the last 100 years.
  • Gain sharing: How to build productivity, sustainability, morale and employee engagement via an incentive that is agreed between employers and employees, with targets for maximising growth, reducing costs and other business improvements thought desirable by those in the particular organisation (whether private or public).
  • Growing your Member base: You or your team will learn the latest online and offline method to get more members, as well as to retain and service them effectively and efficiently.
  • Introduction to Management and Supervision: Management and supervision are both learnt skills that most people never get taught. This practical course will focus on skills that can be immediately implemented, including how to coach from a positive psychology point of view.
  • Persuasive Integrity: You'll lean how to be persuasive, coming from an authentic perspective. In the process, all the latest evidence based research will be covered, augmenting your selling skills, whether you're doing sales online or offline.
  • Accountable and powerful culture: How to build a culture in your organisation that produces accountability and powerful result.
  • Sales management: Learn how to many a team of sales persons for maximum results, including nitty gritty topics such as the best bonus arrangements. Course includes a coaching methodology.
  • A green workplace: Using an incentive based approach to get agreement in the workplace on how to rapidly move the workplace to sustainability, including some of the easiest places to start the process.
  • Marketing and Strategy: This workshop will be a hands-on application of the theory and practise of marketing to your organisation. It will include some of the latest approaches, such as the so-called "growth hack" process used particularly for online marketing. Broader strategies such as blue ocean methodology, the business canvass, and lean entrepreneurship, will also be covered, depending on what is most relevant to your situation.
  • The How of Happiness: An introduction to the major techniques discovered in positive psychology that can be used for improving productivity and engagement in any organisation. In the process, the techniques can be used by each and every employee to enhance their life and happiness.
  • Social Media: An introduction to the strategy, tactics and potential of social media to improve productivity, communication, efficiency, marketing and / or sales in your organisation. It will include an overview of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Word Press blogging.

If you would like to discuss a custom or already prepared training course from Motivus Training please contact us. 

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