Motivus Training Testimonials

We believe in continuing our education and take every opportunity to do so, honest communication and feedback from our clients is crucial to the success of Motivus Training and as such documenting your expectations in the beginning and collecting your feedback at the end of a program is vital.

Below is a collection of Motivus Training testimonials some of our attendees. More detailed testimonials relating to specific courses are available on request.

Recent Feedback
  • Stuart has successfully implemented an effective online advertising campaign via Adwords, Google Analytics and supporting social media platforms. He has also written much of our new site, including landing pages and ads that have been a major part in the success of our online marketing. Stuart’s overall advice on business strategy has also been a major factor in the ongoing and rapid growth of our business. I strongly recommend Stuart’s advertising, marketing and strategic skills. Stuart is a highly creative thinker and can provide ideas and energy that can transform the way your business operates. I would highly recommend his services. - Simon Joannou, Yoga Teacher.               
  • Attended a fantastic 'Social media strategy for business' course today, led by @stuartcmcgill Thoroughly recommended. - Via Twitter from @alex_sargent1

  • Stuart, has introduced the National Training Team to a new way of thinking about using Social Media to support our marketing strategies. Stuart delivers clear focus that is measurable, digital marketing with it use of analytic's allows the company to tweak and change our marketing strategies to achieve maximum impact. - Ian Oliver, CEO National Training. 
  • Stuart McGill is fantastic; he is informative and provides useful advice and knowledge on Linked and the benefits of social media. Highly Recommended. - Student at Centre for Adult Education (CAE) enrolled in LinkedIn for Business (Introduction), 9 September 2014.
  • Stuart was an amazing trainer, his depth of knowledge was exceptional and this course far surpassed my expectations. I am going back to my workplace and will recommend it to my colleagues. - Student at City Desktop enrolled in LinkedIn for Business, 19 November, 2014. 
  • The course was a good mix of practical use of LinkedIn and tips for using social media. Good course material provided. - Student at Centre for Adult Education (CAE) enrolled in LinkedIn for Business (Introduction), 12 December, 2014.
  • Excellent content by Stuart. He answered all our questions and more.- Student at Centre for Adult Education (CAE) enrolled in LinkedIn for Business (Introduction), 12 December, 2014.

Some more feedback from recent public training courses;

  • Very good course. Stuart has terrific experience. I got a very good overview of LinkedIn.
  • Stuart provided an excellent course on social media - energised me. Thank you
  • Information was delivered well and content was proven
  • Stuart was excellent with his presentation skills
  • A longer course would be invaluable. The course was excellent!
  • Fantastic course, very informative and interactive. Looking forward to attending another course ASAP - probably linkedIn. Thanks Stuart
  • Excellent course - very competent in the subject area - clearly proactive user/leader, strong presenter
  • Thanks Stuart! A great session. You are very clear and sensible.
  • I enjoyed this course and learnt a lot of valuable information.
  • Excellent crash course in Twitter - has assisted me to jump in and make the most of it's functionality. Feel confident as a Twitter user having done this course.
  • Very informative - dynamic presentation !
  • Compliments to the Tutor for providing a very useful big picture of social media and how to engage effectively with it.
  • Stuart McGill was very knowledgeable and informative, lots of good articles and examples.
  • Hey Stuart, hope you're well. Just wanted to let you know that since you're little coaching session I have acquired 1.000 new followers!! Amazing! Thank you so much for you're advice and tools. - Nick Terrone
  • I confess I was a Luddite. It kept hoping Twitter would just take wings and fly away. Unfortunately as a TV journalist and writer it was a tool I could not longer ignore. Stuart McGill not only gave me the confidence to start using Twitter, but he passed on some brilliant techniques that helped me use it wisely and efficiently. He has amazing knowledge on all matters social media and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. - Elise Elliot