Interesting MYKI saga of customer care or not?

Saga of MYKI continues.  They apologise...which is good. No other key customer care responses. Shame so much public funding spent on a system with key shortcomings & inefficiences.  Such dramas also encourage people to take cars rather than public transport. Politicians could get so many free brownie points if they had Govt instrumentalities deliver on great service to the people.

Dear Myki

Thanks for your response.  As I mentioned, I have purchased another card, and registered this as a further card on my existing Myki account... where I had the $25 balance at the time the card was blocked... or which you created by further debits from my card.

Can you confirm that I will be able to use this new card on the my existing account please?.  I could not see any reason for not being able to do so in the apparent information online.  It may also be worth clarifying this in your information online... as to whether you can or you can't do what I have done, and if it will work.

As you might anticipate, most people, me included, could not be bothered dealing with snail mail and forms to get refunds, or to unblock cards.  And I remain somewhat appalled that after the expenditure of public funds on Myki as we have had, such basic inefficiencies in the system remain even now.

I'd be grateful if you could let me know as above, as I will be travelling later today.

yours faithfully
stuart mcgill

On 5 October 2012 09:22, myki Customer Care <> wrote:

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for contacting myki.

We write in response to feedback received, regarding your account’s Auto-top up failure, reference number .......

By way of explanation about how the myki system works with auto top up, the system is designed to automatically credit your myki card when your balance falls under the pre selected threshold. In a separate transaction we then attempt to collect the same amount from your financial institution to avoid banking delays. This also ensures that you are able to travel even if your balance is low. If the payment request is unsuccessful, a block is placed on the myki card, irrespective of your myki card balance to suspend further travel activity.

Currently, when we are unable to deduct funds from a nominated bank account, myki has the functionality to block a card electronically. We advise that myki has been designed to do this. However, we advise that at this stage we do not have the functionality to unblock a myki card remotely, therefore, we require the physical card to be sent in for unblocking. We understand the difficulty of posting your myki in for unblocking and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. This function will become available during later stages of the myki roll out.

We wish to advise that to obtain a full refund, you will be required to complete a Refund and Reimbursement Form. You will be required to return your myki when you submit the form.

Upon our receiving and processing your form, your myki will be cancelled, you will have the option of either receiving your refund amount as a cheque that will be posted to your registered address within 21 business days, or if you wish, refund amounts that are less than $250 can be credited to a existing myki card.

We have attached a copy of the form for your convenience.

Alternatively, if you wish to have your myki unblocked , please follow the instructions provided in our previous email sent to you on 03/10/2012.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you need further information, please reply to this email or call 13 6954 (13 myki) any day between 6.00am and 12.00am, quoting the aforementioned reference number.


myki Customer Care

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