Questions to tweet about – Michael Tasner

I read a good piece of advice by Michael Tasner. He lists some ways to answer Twitter’s question of “What are you doing?”.

Michael Tasner suggests that you interpret this question as if you were being asked any of these questions:

…What are you currently interested in?
…What are you currently reading?
…What project/s are you working on?
…In what contest are you participating?
…What new things are you releasing or developing?
…What’s new in your life?
…What’s new with your family?
…Pose questions?

One he didn’t add… but depending on your audience, and / or how much of a big wig you are, people always love to know what others are eating… especially if it’s good… and they might be able to access it too. I won’t share with you about this just yet! And my vego food does not have wide appeal.

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