Seth Godin: building remarkable products & services

Hi. One of the marketers who we greatly respect is Seth Godin, one of the key gurus of marketing in the last 20 years. Among other things, Seth Godin argues that an organisation should create itself and its services so they are easy to “sell”. Ideally, any organisation should easily attract and “pull” members to it, rather than the much harder work of “pushing” membership, services, products etc. To do this, he says you need to create yourself as “remarkable”. He sums it up by saying that brown cows are boring and everywhere. You need to create a purple cow…because that will get noticed… and this is THE key factor in marketing. Ipads and Iphones are good examples of this.

We're not suggesting that you won’t still need to recruit, sell, market etc… but we do think it’s possible to do it faster, easier, and at less cost…. if you get the strategy and structure right first.

So we often look at strategy and suggestions of what might be done to create such a highly sellable organisation and service.

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